Perfect Restaurant Wine

Dense ruby with full-color edges.  Intense burnt plum, water-balloon, charred sausage nose settles down to *merely* a suffocating cassis and sweet oak.  Red Vines and cut grass over a steely counter of alcohol.  Decanted heavily.

This is a Cab-label or second-label from a local producer more famous for their PN’s and CH–I forget who.  I think it was in the low 20$ range.  Fairly textbook for the price-range, but dial turned up towards *user-friendly* a couple notches.  The sweet oak and cola pretty much grows and grows into a flabby sort of Cabernet-reference-point one can only define as ‘yummy’.

In the mouth, a fairly simple concoction of one-dimensional black cherry and mild acid transitioning across the palate into very soft tannins.  You can certainly do a lot worst than this bottle.  Fun, friendly Cab with a firm set of classic nuances in place which will please and satisfy and even intrigue a vast majority of wine-drinkers.  Great PP too.  I would serve this BTG at a resty all day long or take to a house-party.  But I personally need a little more.  I’m running a little less than 50% LIKES on Happy Canyon cabs.  It is hard to get behind some of these lack-luster offerings when there are ready examples of nearby wineries producing cab with far more critical-appeal.

2012 PERFECT LEFT Cabernet Sauvignon Happy Canyon Santa Barbara Co. 14.1

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