Keep On Wandering

Bright clear garnet with a  touch of brown?  Not bricking, and at first I thought it sed or just color density, but it’s def amber.  *Heavy garnet*, we’ll call it.  Big, buttered popcorn right outa the bag.  Really, butter seems to be the operative word here.  Fried fish–catfish fried in butter.  Plain noodles with butter and pepper on them.  Maybe a little olive oil–bright, young fresh olive oil.  Dirty jeans and butter.  A touch of oxidation in the bouquet.  Gummy and thin, with alcohol prominent.  This wine is gonna get worse, I promise.

In the mouth, black over-ripe cherry and pepper dominate.  I like this wine less and less the more time it has.  Fat and lifeless, with pepper and alcohol pretending to be the lifeblood.  Spicy bright, but dull and ponderous.  Abrasive, fat and glossy.  Maybe some barrel- or cellar-issues.  Dreary and depressing like Paso Zinfandel.  A shot of PMBS might have brightened this thing up, but I’m not the winemaker.  It’s just a horrid wine.  Hot and uninteresting.

2011 CULTON GSM ‘Nomad’ Paso Robles 14.5

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