A Cab Time-Warp

Medium ruby all the way out to the edges.  Possibly not perfectly clear?  Big smokey fig and plum initial heads the direction of cola, alcohol and a touch of funk.  Bright and vibrant with lots of life–nothing horribly serious *brooding* at work here–lots of positive notes with a slight buttery downside.

Actually a little disappointing in the mouth.  I know I give FAR more credence to the bouquet of a wine, but I always hope for the same wonderfulness on the tongue.  Closed in and almost thin, bitter at times, great acidity and a bit of AL burn.  A subtlety of ripeness very charming to this anti-fan of oak-n-jelly.  Tannin healthy but not heavy-handed.  Black and chewy in the late late finish.

THIS is a cellar-candidate.  While not criminal to drink right now–it is quite lovely–put this thing away for ten years and you will have something truly marvelous.  Of course, nobody will do this.  So just go buy it and drink it.  But rarely does a 25-dollar Napa Cab come along which begs to put a case away and drink one per year.  Come’on!  That’s 300$!  That’s a hotel reservation!  It’s already got FIVE YEARS on it!!!  Do you need another reason?  Here’s one:  13.5.  Get it at WINEHOUND.  They’ll ship it to you.  You’ll thank me in 2020.

2010 VINTERRA Cabernet Sauvignon Spring Mountain Napa Valley 13.5


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