Kool-Aid Concentrate

Dense ruby with staining edges.  Tiny little mustiness evaporates instantly.  Fat, concentrated black cherry nose with hints of mint and euc but everything completely buried in obese cherry and oak.

I’ve never had this wine before.  Always been a big fan of Beringer and own a fairly decent vertical of Knight’s Valley.  Also had the pleasure of drinking PR on several occasions.  But this particular label has always escaped me.  Don’t see it too often and the PP puts it at about twice KV but considerably less than half of PR.  Half of me wants to like this wine for its concentration but the other half is pointing fingers at the massive imbalance and obesity.  It’s just so fat and lifeless.  Cloying and shockingly *round* smelling with massive cassis and vanilla mixed with the glycerol and alcohol.

In the mouth, thick and concentrated again–viscous and chewable.  A pond-water offish entry nuance thick and perfumes as hand-lotion precedes the expected dark, concentrated fruit roiled in wet leather and a very predictable style of briar.  Bitter, effusive tannin starts almost immediately and dry out the lingering finish.  Guessed 14-8 but assumed the label was going to be a nice safe corporate 14-5.  Turns out it is printed 14-4.  This would be a great resty wine.  Put it on your list for 20/60 and people would swoon.  But I just can’t convince myself to get behind it.  It’s just not interesting enough.

2008 BERINGER Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.4


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