"Good" Merlot

Beautiful garnet out to somewhat bricking edges.  A little gamy, with raw beef and briar notes headed off by fairly serious cinn/nutmeg and intense wet earth.

I don’t know where I got this.  Been on a bit of Beringer kick lately and this orphan popped its head up tonight and got the selection.  It’s interesting–mid-to reasonably hi-dollar Merlot’s seem to be the oldest wines you see on shelves  at place which sell Beringer and the like.  07’s and 08’s are extremely common, even though cabs are all in the 2011-2012 range.  It is always fun to take a cheap supermarket wine like this and see what happens with a little polish on it.  This is easily the most boring good wine I have had in recent memory.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.  It is straight-forward and balanced from start to finish.  Zero flaws.  It is also easily the most boring wine in recent memory.

In the mouth, fair astringency appears early, leveled out by rich, sweet dark cherry.  Bright smoke and acidity in step.  It does not suffer from a thin mid-palate which hampers a large number of Merlots this PP and upward.  Everything is carried through fairly effortlessly and with certain pointedness throughout the mouth-feel.  It doesn’t come off as over-ripe or under-stuffed or acute or obtuse ANYTHING.  It is just good and boring.  There’s even a fair amount of tannin still lively and working.  I can’t complain about it–but I can’t rave about it either.  Safe and clean and borderline wonderful while at the same time completely forgettable.  An excellent wine–sure to please and not turn anyone aside.

2007 BERINGER Merlot Napa Valley 14.3


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