Don’t Chuck This One Out

Medium ruby out to wide pink edges.  An incredible dried-floral bouquet, rosy and packed with smoke and leather and intense spice.  Dusty and pretty, with delicate petals balanced nicely with darker shades of extraction.

This is a great wine.  This is a wine you could sell in your restaurant BTG for 9$ all day long.  This is a reason to throw out all those funky Loires on the list and an argument to stop trying to convince people Gamay is a serious grape because IPOB.  This wine is at once light and fun, nuanced in all the right areas but still serious enough to make casual California drinkers sit up and listen.  Nothing over-the-top and nothing under-stuffed.  If you look hard enough, all of the latex and concrete funk is accounted for, but hiding gracefully behind beautiful Santa Barbara fruit–perfectly ripe–and a balanced dollop of oak.

The spice melds into the mouth, where the fruit really shines.  Mouth-feel starts out instantly thin, immediately growing into lovely pie-cherry tartness.  Mellow tar-and-tannin blossom gracefully and fade, leaving it FRUIT dominant in the bright finish.  This is the best Chinon-styled bottle I have had from a New World producer.

2013 HAPPY CANYON VINEYARD Cabernet Franc Chukker 13  13.5

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