Three = Less Than One

Medium dark ruby with pink edges.  A really boring nose.  Ripe and round with a slight briar and not much more.  Always been a big fan of Ridge’s zinfandel–and cab–bottlings, but this one leaves you wanting.  Very cab-like in its non-committal to anything definitely Zinfandel.

This may come as a bit of a juxtaposition to my raving about 80’s zins possessing cab-like qualities which the mid-school and new-school lack, but this one is just plain nothingness.  Oak abounds in both the bouquet and taste.  WAY too much oak, and no pure, unadulterated Zinfandel fruit.  In the mouth, fat and round with a chunk of cassis but again, nothing which screams ZINFANDEL.  A very safe wine, something to serve BTG to awkward and unsure resty patrons and covering a lot of neutral ground.  Soft tannins barely distinguishable from the spice wrap things up.  With all of Ridge’s multitude of Zin bottlings more-or-less the same PP, it is hard to argue for this one except as a crowd-pleasing effort made for easy, conversation-less quaffing.

2013 RIDGE Red Blend “Three Valleys” Zin/Carignane/PS Sonoma County 14.4

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