Pass The Toothpicks

Dark ruby.  Huge oak.  That is going to be the prevailing theme of my notes–just warning you.  Trying to direct anything away from the huge oak is going to be a challenge.  Big warm briar and oak nose, touch of euc and AL but mostly huge young oak.  Sumptuous Merlot hedonism early and often and balanced with huge oak.  A spicy, pepper subtitle is only overshadowed by huge oak.

In the mouth, big early vanilla and supple tannin with a concentration of huge oak.  Black walnut and tiramisu with layers of huge oak.  Don’t get me wrong:  This is a very fun-to-drink wine and an absolute crowd-pleaser on any list.  But holy shit so mono-syllabic in terms of oak and ripeness.  You keep trying to tell yourself, “No, that is just the rich, ripe sexual Merlot talking.” and then you see it is probably oak.  You tell yourself, “Oh wow they really got that CF note in there nice.” and then you realize that, too, is probably oak.  It is just so hard to separate the luscious, ripe, vanilla, spice and butter of the fruit from the luscious, ripe, vanilla, spice and butter of the oak.  This is easily the EXACT POLAR OPPOSITE of the last week’s Donkey & Goat Merlot.

2012 WESTERLY ‘Red’ Happy Canyon Santa Barbara 14.8

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