Ya Gotta Keep’em Separated

Dark staining garnet with barely-bricking edges.  A crushed-rock bomb right off the get-go, sharp broken stem and crushed-bug goodness layered over a dense dense black cassis and fruit.  A little oxidation shown at first opening, but an half-hour of air turns thing bright and lively again without a touch of prune or madeira.  A little flabby, actually.  I heard a rumour it was National Cabernet Day late in the afternoon–whatever the fuck feel-good tourist wine-country-lifestyle EVERY-WINE-IS-LOVELY blogger-jerk THAT came from or even MEANS–and, naturally, there are several dozen fresh cabs on the experiment shelf and I fingered several of them–a Goldschmidt, a Parador, a Mondavi Oakville, a Groth–but they are 09’s, 10’s and 11’s (well, those in the front row know the Parador can’t be)!!!  I ain’t drinkin that shit!  Who on EARTH drinks cab that age?!?!  People I feel sorry for.  So I knew I had a half-dozen of these left and lord knows they are at their peak and my girlfriend keeps telling me I am going to die an angry old man with a shit-load of wine past-its-prime.  So I gotta get rid of these!  Big and rich in the mouth, chewy and lithe–but incredibly ripe.  Tannic from the beginning, but big supple velvety layers of chalk and tannin and beautiful perfectly ripe cherry begging to be picked.  That perfect cherry–crisp and red and ripe and full of acid but not flacid.  Your whole mouth is awash in this thing–parts of it desperately trying to claw through the acid and tannin and the other part relishing every last molecule of succulent berry soaking into a taste-bud.  THIS is why we drink Cabernet.  Don’t let the ding-bats poppin 40th Caymus and 10 Insignia and 12 Howell Mt’s convince you they know good cab.  These people don’t know cab.   14-5   ♦♦

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