Pedal To The Meddle

Brilliant dark ruby with basically no edge.  Staining.  A fat round Euro-fruit almost glyceriney meets your nose rife with raw egg and an almost oily breadth of ripeness textured against slightly visible alcohol and back-seat minerality.  Funky roasted meat–rested–like Italian Roast beef with a perfect rainbow patina on the slices.  With a little air, everything comes with a side of crushed (non-chewable) Vit. C.

This strikes me almost as cool-climate Syrah desperately trying to be the warm-weather version which woos the maxi-skirted weekend crowd and sells out the wine-club, but it just has too much varietal density and terroir to be taken so lightly.  This is a wine I want to taste in 10 years.  This screams ‘holding’ and ‘waiting’, which no one, of course, will do.  Everything in the nose balances out to something which will be amazing in a decade.

In the mouth, an obligatory ripeness and roundness chopped off with searing acid and volumptious deep-note tannin.  A shallowness of fruit intensity reflects the young age, but it is IN there.  A wonderful touch of rubber and cellar-floor.  So perfectly balanced.  Nothing overt insults you and nothing leaves you wanting.  Seriously, you can enjoy this bottle now, but please buy a 6-pack and put a few away and drink one a year for as long as you can.  This is one for the long run.

2012 PELOTON CELLARS Syrah San Luis Obispo Co California 14.1

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