Because Racecar

Impenetrable ruby with staining edges.  A tiny boiled egg initial runs out to cinnamon and mint, deep cassis and minerality on steroids.  Incredible ripe fruit but this thing is seriously extracted and ripe and fattens up considerably after the possibly ill-conceived decant.  A certain amateur-ish nose blossoms, along with substantial alcohol and gobs of oak.

Been hearing things about this label and–as someone who drank HEAVILY of the Sierra Foothills wineries in the late 80’s and 90’s, had to try it.  Down here in Paso and Santa Barbara wine country, Placerville, Amador, and Calvaras wines are rare as hen’s teeth, but I still manage to get to several a year–and inevitably they are *that* Sierra Foothill style.  A bunch of you know what I am talking about–but many have never experienced it.  Hard to explain… Burnt.  Oxidized.  Over-fruited.  Awkwardly tannic sometimes but ALWAYS flabby.  Fresh and lively, often cloyingly fruit-FWD but weird nuances.  Like Paso Robles on steroids.  Heavy emphasis on “Old Vines” and the plethora of sins which can be committed–and gotten away with–in a bottle bearing THAT demarcation.

This wine is different.  Easily the most modern, New World, professional wine I can remember from the Foothills and it would be fun to blind this alongside some of Santa Barbara’s and Sonoma’s offerings.  The cab really comes into play, enough so I honestly do not think I would want to taste this as a straight Syrah.  The flabbiness and potential for oxidation are apparent everywhere, but the taught edges of the Cabernet pull everything together.  Gotta be 15+.  I fear the cab is what makes this a solid offering.

In the mouth, fruit of the richest, ripest variety comes on strong, as wet gravel turns to ample tannin.   The empty glass reeks of oak.  This wine has serious things I do not like or condone but is seriously good.  I can’t make myself hate it.  It is a big, dark, yummy, sweet thang.  If you prefer big, rich Pinots and ample, jammy Syrahs, this thing has your number.

2011 PRUETT Syrah/Cab Lucky Lauren Red Red Wine Sierra Foothills 15.2

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