Somewhat staining ruby with pink edges.  The most oak I have ever smelt in a wine period ever. Yes I said smelt.  Absolute complete inundating oak oak oak not generously oaked like boutique hi-dolla cabs or 100-point Syrahs or Pinots made by esteemed Napa Cab houses, no way: not THAT kind of wimpy oak, this is full-blown oak, that’s it, that’s all you smell–just OAK.

Acidic and harsh in the mouth after a slight teeny-weeny burnt fruit puree flashes across the palate.  Thin and brutally tannic.  Banana-peel and battery-acid tincture.  This is NOT what I was expecting from an entry-level NV red blend I figure goes for under 10$.  There is no cloying fruit-forwardness or overt sweetness.

On one hand I want to commend them for managing to cram this many nylon bags of tree in and likewise, blast out the hardcore tannin.  But this poor little thing is positively fruitless.  Who is this marketed toward?  Women Who Drink Wine won’t like it because it is bitter and harsh.  This is NOT bunco-party material.  Snob won’t like it because it is cheap.  Anyone who knows wine won’t like it because it is a vapid concentration of nothingness.  This leaves one market-group:  Fairly wealthy but miserably cheap, attends all the wine festivals and tasting events, proudly displays the *Wine Country Lifestyle* in their house, have “been Club Members for 15 years” and wouldn’t know Merlot from Mylanta.  BOOM.  Cases sold.

A rich layered nose of deep fruit, black cherry and vanilla.  Mouth-filling and full in the mouth, showing all of the characteristics our vineyards are capable of:  White Chocolate Mousse, papaya, Northern Black Indian elderberry and the toil of our ancestors in the vineyards full of history, art and dogs.  Have you seen our winery dog?  She’s in the Winery Dog Book, so we’re totally legit.  But I digress.

NV RABBIT RIDGE Bunny Cuvee Paso Robles 14.9

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