Like A Roc

Brilliant medium ruby out to a wide pink edge tinges with amber.  Instant wet-concrete funk followed immediately by more of the same flabby tar, burnt leather and heavy spice found on a couple of last night’s cheap BDX experiments.  Nutmeg, chili powder and paper dust.

It is not terrible to smell, it just seems so California, so extracted, so 13-5 and toying with oxidation in its obesity.  Like at least one of last night’s three, this reminds me of cheaper IGT–hot and extracted with a good dose of Merlot.  Lots of winery magic-wand bullshit up front and absolutely NO substance.

Yesterday’s are [HERE] [HERE] and [HERE] <–the latter the only one which reminded me of classic cheap BDX–thin, brittle, and acidic.  A nice woodsy funk brings this one somewhere back into the middle between these two styles.

In the mouth, thin and bitter from the get-go, with none of what you thought might have been promising dark fruit.  The *woodsy* turns green tree-bark astringent and the whole thing wanders off down a chemically trail.  A little torn on this one.  I think it might settle down.

2012 ROC DE LUSSAC Lussac St Emilion Bordeaux  13.0

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