Bat-Shit Crazy Good Pinot

Medium-thin clear garnet with wide clear edges.  Big floral prettiness explodes out of the glass.  Rosy, jasmine, natal plum so clean and bright almost could be poupurri dish-washing soap.  So effortless in bouquet.  No barnyard or funk, just miles of beautiful pretty flowers with just a teensy whisp of brilliant minerality sewn into the ripe rhubarb fruit.  What a crowd-pleasing Pinot right here.  This would be a STUNNING restaurant BTG selection.  How could you go wrong?!?  It’s 30 bucks and is light and thin where it counts (that pesky Pinot weirdness people complain about WTF?!!) and it is marvelously fruity and concentrated where it counts.  In the mouth, acid takes a secondary position to the briary fruit, thin and lovely–really: as brilliant and beautiful as you imagined in the nose but translated perfectly into a light, sectional seamlessly weaving cherry, Herbs du Provence and wet leather into a weightless concoction absolutely NOBODY could balk at.  No snob and no n00b.  The perfect thinnish wash of a finish splashing microscopic tannins about in a spin-cycle of dense fruit memories.  Holy crap I could sell the shit outa this stuff.  ♦♦
2013 Banshee Pinot Noir Sonoma County

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