A New Standard in Paso Syrah

Impenetrable purple with basically no edge.  Miserably staining.  Beautiful tarry nose packed with pumpkin pie spice, cassis and petrichor.  Obliteratingly rich and dense–a WALL of fruit with layers and layers of concentrated black loveliness.  Touch of pencil-lead runs toward wet concrete but gives way to luscious ripe berry fruit of an almost obscene nature.  One of the best smelling SY’s in recent memory and a situation where you plead with whatever deity rocks your world that the taste lives up to it.  Please Please Please.

In the mouth an early simple fruit quickly develops a graphite streak and together they grow, the fruit massive and ripe, dripping in hi-voltage acid and tannin.  The fruit heads slightly watery late-middle, which saves it from flabbiness and allows it to grow again–tethered to earth–far into the finish while green tannins futilely attempt to over-power it.  Not a seriously complex wine, but all the basics are doled out in generous quantities and the whole package maintains a near-perfect balance.  Find some of this if you can–this is one of the best SY’s I have ever had with “Paso Robles” on the label.

2013 Red Claw Syrah Paso Robles Atascadero Wine Group  14-7 (guess)

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