Some Hott Chicks

2013 HOLDREDGE RRV Sonoma County  “The *pretty* one.”  No makeup.  Simple and bright cherry.  Delicately floral and un-concentrated up front.  A deep thread of beautiful RRV fruit and barnyard but not enough to really woo a hardcore PN fan and not too much to push away a non-PN-fan.  Easily the lightest of the bunch, shows a lot better by itself and especially not in the company of the other two POWERHOUSES.

2008 GREG LINN Rancho Ontiveros SMV Santa Barbara County   “Your best friend of the opposite sex.”  Massive funk and briar right up front and all-consuming.  I think this is my favorite Greg Linn to date.  Not for everyone and def showing a slight patina of age in color, clarity, smell and taste but just *slight*.  Not even hinting at tired.  Packed with dark blackberry preserves and root-beer, thick and grainy in texture, nearly over-powering dirty coins and dank deciduous forest.  Tannins smooth and glassy like wet tar.  An absolute stunner.

2013 LAETITIA La Coupelle AGV San Luis Obispo County   “The *bombshell*.”  Farrah Fawcett.  Gisele Bundchen.  Jayne Mansfield.  Insultingly fruity, deep and rich but without the ponderous over-extraction and RS of some of *those* PN’s (you know who I’m talking about).  An explosion of peach-nectar in the nose tempered with apricot-acid and carrying with it a slight muddy texture.  A whallop of oak and a certain amount of funk and minerality, but it is barely able to grab hold.

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