Winning The Zin Game!

Med light garnet with no edge.  Lightly staining.  Beautiful rubber-band brier and tar comes in first and mellows to bright lilac, spice cake, sweet oak and deep Maraschino fruit.  Light and vibrant–hitting hard in a couple places but overall so shockingly thin and unconcentrated I am blown away this is actually a Paso Zin.

Heads a bit flabby with considerable air but it is that wonderful Zinfandel prune-flab which… I dunno… let’s just call it baby-fat.  It’s Zinfandel.  It’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  This thing can’t be over 14-2.  I have not had good luck with this producers wines–I started to go into detail here but let’s just say–EVER.  I keep trying them and keep getting disappointed.  But this particular Zinfandel is a winner.  So light on its feet.  I am very happy with this wine.

In the mouth, the dull acid turns almost immediately bitter, challenging the continuous fruit-stream.  Green and tangy, seeped in Borkum Riff and tea leaves.  I think there are several Eberle Zinfandel bottlings, and I do not know how common this one is, but look for it–if you like good Zin.

2012 EBERLE Zinfandel Steinbeck Wine-bush Cocavin Paso Robles 14-1

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