My New Favorite Pinot

Watery garnet with wide amber edges.  Massive Luxardo cherry barnyard crisp and clean and oh so concentrated just NAILIN the fruit hardcore but condensed around a briary floral so unforgettable.  Blind I’d probably say Anderson Valley.  It reminds me alot of Navarro Methode L’Ancienne… There’s this orange rind and mint wrapped around approachable fruit with carmelly oak goodness in the background.
This guy–quite the German-white Johnny-come-lately–made his first PN in 2013 from Duvarita but all I heard was rumors of its existence.  Don’t know a soul who actually tasted it and do not remember reading anything about it and certainly never saw a bottle.  Then this 2014 SB pops up.  This is a STUNNING PN–and not just for the price.
In the mouth, clean and full, fruit viscous and round and perhaps just a tad ripe–that would be my only reservation: it is REALLY round and full, but the fruit never stops its steadfast crescendo FAR into the finish and the brilliant tannins absolutely perfectly in tune to everything going on around them.  I keep wanting to say this is an Austrian pinot: lean, mean and vegetal but honestly it is just FUN.  If this is hipster IPOB wine it is the most user-friendly thing I have seen.  Yes, you have to love pinot in all its shapes and forms, but after that, it just hits and hits on so many delectable levels.  The ‘fullness’ of the middle–together with a glycerol chewiness–bothers me a tad, but oh man there are so many other wonderful things going on in this glass I am NOT going to complain.  If I owned a resty, this would be my BTG pinot every day all day.

2014 TATOMER Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County  13-5

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