A Four-Day Retrospective. Interactive.

A little something different tonight… sometimes I will edit 24-hr notes into the end of a review because something struck me about how it held up–or DIDN’T, but right now I have these 4 wines open and have cooked with a couple and typically would merely throw them out, but they were too interesting.

2011 CORTA GIONA Amarone at 24 hrs Vac-U-Vin showing nutty oxidized nose high on volatility and heat, bitter and brightly acidic in mouth, fruit dirty, grainy and non-existent.  14-5

2014 TATOMER PN at 48 hours and i tasted it yesterday and failed to Vac-U-Vin it back up, so 24 under vacuum and 24 capped.  An astonishing licorice-driven fruit massively floral, opulent and mind-boggling rich.  A mild stemmy background to root-beer sweetness and concentration.  I am in total awe.  This tastes RIGHT NOW as one of the best pinot’s I have had this year and it’s been open for 48 hours.  Beautiful cedar notes meld seamlessly into the sweet tannins.  Holy wow this wine just keeps on giving.  13-5

2014 MURVIEDRO FAUNO at 72 hrs.  Screw-top, NO Vac-U-Vin whatsoever, Left wide open first night and capped both nights since.  Stemmy cellar-floor bright simplicity, like a 10-dollar Cote-Rotie or Langeudoc, fruit-FWD like cheap paso zinfandel, STUNNINGLY composed and vibrant.  There are myriad restaurants locally serving wines shittier than this BTG all day long every day.  Thinnish middle, but dark grainy cherry washes in late and mild tannins don’t over-power everything.  Almost as impressive as the Tatomer.  Unbelievable.  A FIVE DOLLAR WINE open THREE DAYS.  12-5

2013 BV Ruth open four days.  Vac-U-Vin first three BUT: I cooked with it last night and DIDN’T EVEN CAP IT so ONE GLASS has sat in it 24 hours completely open.  I tasted it the first couple consecutive nights after reviewing with the expected results of nuances expanding here and there and other things fading here and there.  Tonight: Spicy and darkly fruity in the nose, a nice muddy road is the backbone.  Banana-peel vanilla accentuates the surprisingly rich fruit.  Tannins one-dimensional.  14-5

I almost ALWAYS have a glass left over and taste a wine the next night.  Occasionally I will edit my review to reflect something discovered.  I don’t use these re-visits as the Word of God, but they do shed a light on what’s going on in the wine.  Some people use 24-hr tastings strictly to determine ageability.  There is merit in that argument, but like anything to do with wine, it is a broad brush to paint with.  Everything is so subjective–including this reviewer.  The Amarone is exactly where I expect opened wines to be at 24 hours–basically bullshit.  The other three represent something entirely different and I am as committed as I was at the time of the original review to everyone searching out the Tatomer and Fauno.  The BV just impresses.  I’m still torn on the whole 2013 VINTAGE OF THE DECADE thing and will need more convincing.

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