Maria, Rita, and Ynez Walk Into A Bar

Clear light garnet with wide clear edges.  Burnt rubber and desiccated cherry dominate–in both definitions–*dried* AND *lacking interest*.  A still, new Tupperware over moderately-soiled straw bedding with a touch of wet paper.  Not even remotely compelling.  I’ve had this label before–couldn’t quite remember WHOSE second label it was, but a friend reminded me it was Starlane/Dierberg.  There were three of these on the clearance shelf for 16$ and I am glad I did not do my usual and grab all three, but–mostly because of the number of bottles on my Research Shelf–only bought one.  I am not sure what the regular price is, guessing 25-32, but it is really not worth even the 16 dollars.  It is a frightfully dreadful Pinot Noir–even after reminding oneself you are getting Dierberg fruit for 16 pesos.  Boring and sweet, I’m guessing age has a bit to do with its downfall, but not much–it’s ONLY 5yo!  Oxidized, yes.  Plasticine, awkward fruit, check.  In the mouth, true to bouquet, with burnt rubber and bitter dry over-ripe cherry dominating and the whole package washes away with paint-thinner bitterness.

2010 THREE SAINTS Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley  13-5

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