Quick Reactions to a Flight

Quick hits on a little tasting yesterday at LUIS WINE BAR.

2014 WINDGAP Trousseau Gris NC or RRV.   ◊
Beautiful clear with a magical hint of pink.  Armpit, warm grass clippings, latex.  Absolute hipster catnip.  The fact I was in a room where 99.99999% of the patrons were drinking craft beer says a lot.  Sour and bland and weird and unpleasant.  I’m sorry… I try REALLY HARD to have an open mind about wines like this.  Somm says I’m just not smart enough and I don’t understand it.  I say I don’t need wines like this in my life.   ◊

2013 SEA MONSTER Chardonnay Los Alamos SBC   ♦♦
A STUNNING wine and quite the surprise being the cheapest and from what I assumed was more of a *light-hearted* project between Cypher and Adam Lazarre.  Not to mention–albeit one of my favorite SBC appells–from an area known for Rhone varieties.  Shocking fruit and floral.  Amazing bouquet.  Mouth-filling and impressively stuffed.  Dense leathery butter and minerality.  Find yourself some of this wine!  Do it NOW!  ♦♦

2014 SONOMA-CUTRER Chardonnay RRV or Sonoma, not sure and don’t care.  ◊
Was quite surprised a trendy wine-bar and hipster hangout would select something like this in a three-piece showcase.  Was Rombauer Chardonnay sold out?  The Meridian rep couldn’t deliver?  The Kendall-Jackson truck broke down?  For many years–according to trade rags–this was the #1 selling Chardonnay in the United States.  Oak, oak oak and more oak.  Butter and oak.  Whatever fruit you can find lifeless and dank.  And oak.  And butter.  Did I mention oak?   ◊

2013 THE CALLING Pinot Noir RRV   ♦♦
Really nice Pinot.  The label throws me off on this one–reminds me of Fergie’s wine or something… Can’t remember who makes it, some fairly big-name consulting winemaker’s project… and some football guy.  I’m not going to give you The Story–this isn’t that blog.  Intensely aromatic, packed with barnyard and earth and oak.  Yes, oak, but never a cloying oak.  Dense blackberry-preserve fruit concentrated and rich and sweet.  Whallop of tannin.  This is a big, rich PN–dark and extracted–but it works.  Find this wine.   ♦♦

2013 MELVILLE Pinot Noir Verna’s SBC   ♦
Transparent light ruby.  Entry-level soft-fruited nose with definite–but subtle–PN character.  You could drink this all day long and not be offended or blown away.  This is solid, solid 25$ PN  ♦

2014 POCO A POCO Zinfandel RRV  ♦
I couldn’t really get behind this wine but I am not going to mark it down to ◊ because it was interesting and really tried hard. I just couldn’t come to grip with what it was trying to do–or say.  Again, probably the ultimate hipster wine.  I don’t get it.  Therefore it reigns supreme.  An interesting floral fruit in the nose, tropical and dense.  Guava, lilikoi, maybe even pineapple.  A good chunk of berry and a very strange density to it–or lack of it, rather.  I’m sorry: I’m Gen-X.  I have a certain mind-frame containing parameters within which Zinfandel falls.  ESPECIALLY from Sonoma!  This… just… is a really interesting wine.  I don’t want to sound like I need a 17-8 road-tar Zin, because that would be the FURTHEST from the truth, but ya gotta give me a *little* more than funky fruit and soft tannin.  ♦


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