This Wine Stinks and Tastes Bad

Med light ruby with wide pink edges.  Immense fresh-baked-bread fills the room immediately on cork-pulling.  Big nose of BBQ sauce, bitters wheatgrass and boy’s locker room.  Late air richens things up a bit into classic CF areas, a nice dollop of cassis and sweetbriar, but the peppery still over-ridden with a warm funk.  I drink a wine like this and it is good and I like it and it is interesting and all that but ferchrissakes WTF does hipster get all delirious about with this crap?  OK, ‘crap’ is a bit strong.  It’s not crap.  But I find it nearly impossible to get excited about wines like this.  I’m happier with a decent 5 dollar Rosé in my nose and mouth than wines like this.  Go ahead, call me cali-centric and say I need wines you can stand a fork up in to be happy.  I will know it is false and so will my inner circle.  I regularly espouse lighter, balanced wines and I am all for delicate nuances and funk, but when they come together in a product such as this, I can *appreciate* them but anything resembling the excitement I see with Millennial-somm on these bottles is lost.  I just keep searching for nice things to say.  Light as feathers in the mouth.  Ethereal and delicate.  Crisp Granny-Smith fruit tip-toes across the tongue, building all of its smoky roasted lack-of goodness for the middle before disappearing into a bitter green finish I would stop short of calling “tannic”.

2014 SAGET LA PERRIERE Chinon Marie de Beauregard  12-5

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