Seems Old Now–But It Didn’t THEN

Considerably bricking ruby–clear and vibrant with dark brown edges.  Bright vegetal initial, breathes off to  euc, mint, and urine-tanned leather left out in rain.  A sweet licorice and oak back up the concentrated cherry preserves, while red dust plays into the forth-coming acid.  This was a huge-supermarket-chain find upon bankruptcy.  Someone long ago had opted into buying these bottles and say waht youwant about corporate supermarket chains, one thing you can count on is consistent temperature control on the bottom shelves, day-in and day-out.  No one EVER adjusts those thermostats.  Corporate-policy.  I’ve always felt large supermarket chains have better temperature control than specialized shops.  I bought a bunch of these and need to remind myself to drink them.  Fabulous at the moment, but probably not somehting to hang onto for another 5 years.  Heady and round, beautiful patina.  I quite love wines like this.  I take these to bottle-shares and surrounded by the 2012-2013 massively extracted 15-5 local extraction-bombs, they are not too popular.  Witnessed it numerous times.  Why don’t people like older wines?!?!?  When did classic vegetal and brett fall so out of favor?  Why do you need a wine you can stand a fork up in?  In the mouth, acid churns the attack, fighting off the still-prevalent and concentrated fruit.  Dark and full, vividly mouth-coating, laying foundations of oak, leather and spice left and right.  Black tea dominates a perfect blackberry fruit while pepper and tapenade dance around the edges.  Still-gripping tannin invigorate the finish, but the fruit caries on effortlessly.  I changed my mind.  These bottle WILL last another decade.  A classic Napa Valley Meritage–escaping current trends.

2003 CONN CREEK Anthology Napa Valley Cab/CF/ME/Bec/PV 64/16/14/4/2  14.3

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