All Flora, No Fauna

Dense garnet, reasonably good cork providing a bit of a struggle for a waiter’s key.  Oppulent nose, elegant, decadent extremely ripe fruit–almost could be upper-echelon Napa ME, but no, just the *cheap* Flora.  Not even the Trilogy, just the plain old cab.  Came as a bit of a surprise on after I found it on a resty list and highlighted it as one of the bargains on the list.  There’s ALWAYS one–or two–sometimes requiring a careful search, sometimes jumping straight out at you.  The surprise part was the 07.  List specified 2009 and this is maybe the second or third time IN MY LIFE where a wrong-vintage on a list elicited neither a complaint or a re-consideration for a back-up.  I wish I had a dollar for every time THE OPPOSITE has happened.  But when you order a 2009 Napa and are brought a 2007, you chuckle, send the somm a ribbing txt, and GLADLY DRINK IT.  Ample tannins with equally ample polish, drinking probably near-perfect right meow with several more years to go but the audience will drop off precipitously.

2007 FLORA SPRINGS Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley  14.2

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