Prop Up and Dump

Dark garnet, a lil sed.  Big off-rotten fruit initial carries quite a ways in.  Quite surprising something of this pedigree would carry a note like this in.  It adds character, and I don’t *mind* it, but it def would be read as a flaw by the vast majority of blingy Napa-cab-drinkers in 2016.  A hot greasy dust plays along with bright mint under banana and lilokoi and the whole package runs considerably fat and ripe and flat in the late bouquet.  There is a steely edginess to the nose, but it becomes one-dimensional with the flabbiness of the fruit.  This is Palmaz’ second label, which is either gonna make you roll your eyes into the back of your head or sit up straight.  If you haven’t heard of them, google it when you have 5 minutes–or 30–to kill.  I’m going to go read what I said about the 2011 a couple weeks ago as soon as I finish, but recall it being a bit more stuffed and also had issues with the bouquet.  In the mouth, spicy briar takes over the beautiful fruit almost immediately, thinning it out dangerously and leaving it meager against what are also rather lackluster tannins.  This wine starts weird, gives you a little hope and then just CRASHES into an absolute muss.

2010 CEDAR KNOLL VINEYARD Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley  13.8

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