Bec That Thing Up

Black black purple with nearly no edge.  Zin-like fruit-forwardness, plummy and cloyingly ripe over-rides all initially but settles down to huge earthy goodness.  Cold chocolate frosting, rife with tobacco and heady stemminess.  After an hour or two a fat voluptuous, dripping ripe nectar and pepper-berry fruit.  Heavy oak pervades all and runs everything into smooooooooth caramel spice easiness.

If you’re gonna have to drink Malbec, I can think of a lot of ways to do it worse.  This is all I could dig up for National Malbec Day–everything else being tiny amounts in BDX blends.  I never have been miserably fond of this grape by itself from California producers–I’d prob put it maybe just slightly above Petit Verdot as a bad choice in stand-alone varieties.  But put it in the hands of Argentina or Cahors and suddenly we have a world-class wine.

Fairly forgettable in the mouth–which again, CAN be somewhat of a plus with Malbec.  Don’t forget this is only about a 15$ wine–and drinks quite well, big dusky fruit goes pepper mid-palate and heads off into the fairly tannic finish.  They’ve managed to shed all of the funky earthy things bec lovers crave on this one and that is probably why I am enjoying it so much.   I don’t think I would want to taste this without the ‘Riserva’ portion attached.

2009 BODEGA NORTON Malbec Reserva Mendoza  14.5

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