Jon is High And Gay?

Bright ruby with huge barnyard funk rolling off for ever and ever.  Steer manure and dairy-farm, rabbit boxes and horse-stalls, crazy huge WONDERFUL funk punctuated with incredible minerality–cut roots and rock-road, freshly wet with garden hose.  Eventually, it blows off, which seemed disappointing until I realized it had been replaced with dark rich fruit, shocking mint and hot minerality, sultry tropical meat alongside razor-sharp steel.

I have to be honest, I had never noticed ‘Côtes De Borge’ on a label before.  I had to google it.  Turns out this is a wine I probably will like.  Heavy Merlot and Cab Franc, far cheaper prices and quality above Bordeaux Superiore just sounds like heaven.  Oh well, sorry, I’ve been drinking in CA for too many years and am not WSET8 so forgive me for not immediately recognizing this appellation.

In the mouth, the smokey goodness of the late-nose nearly interferes with the spicy, bright fruit, filtered through walnut shells and more ground granite.  Thin of fruit in the middle but still huge mouth-feel–with an emphasis on bitter, young tannins.  Green and vile.  This is a beautiful baby Bordelaise.

2012 CHATEAU HAUT JONGAY Côtes De Bourg  85/10/5 ME/CF/Bec  13.0

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