Let This Be A Lesson To You

Dark garnet all the way through.  Heavy sed.  Voluptuous creamy nose crammed with oak and some of the most disgustingly ripe fruit you will ever smell.  It is so fully acclimated to concentration it has no nuance, just gobs of sweet sweet layers of icing and fudge and ripe dark cherry tinged in prune and oxidizing.  It IS oxidizing.  There is no argument in my mind.  I have taken this wine to 20 events with 40 winesnobs in the past couple years and it is running about 60/40 this wine is oxidizing and headed South.  It is not a fig-newton of my imagination.  At first I was all, “This wine is going.” and people be like Nah bro it’s just ripe fuggetaboutit and I’m all “This wine is oxidized.” and then people started being like, Dude, this thing’s going.  Drink up!  Google Clos Mimi if you’re bored.  Darling-child of Central Coast Rhone-style stuff in the early 2000’s.  Rather expensive for the time, winemaker had a great resume, fruit usually had an awesome pedigree, allocated and elusive–was even on Wine Library.  Started playing with cab in 2007 and ended up making two before financial and whatever woes happened.  A 2007 McGinley which was highly rated and sold out quickly and a 2008 which was never released or labeled.  That’s where this wine comes in.  (Yes, there was a small lot of the 2008 available from Duke of Bourbon last year with after-market labels and it was part of the group I received sans-label direct from wine-maker storage.)  Anyways… for a myriad of reasons, the winery is gone and the winemaker has moved on and–at least in MY cellar–there remains only a few Bunny-Slope Syrahs and this Cab.  I am a huge fan of the McGinley/Westerly vineyard and I am a huge fan of this wine–or at least I WAS.  Lately it has been showing signs of hi-AL/extraction/concentration woe.  Those of you sitting on huge cellars of Herman Story, Sans-Liege etc. etc. etc.  prob wanna just stop reading now.  This thing is big fat rich ripe round obese and oxidized.  End of conversation.  This is not to say I am not enjoying drinking it, it’s just…. well, know has you are getting into.  From conversations with the winemaker, something like a 45-day mac but only 14-2 or so.  There IS an incredible acid and bright tannins, but they are shallow, surrounded by cheap citric-acid situations and not deep and well-meaning.  The whole fruit-situation thins out considerably in the middle and leaves you awash in bitter tannin supported only by faded fruit and oak residuals.  We’ve all had “Syrah-like Pinot”, well, here is Syrah-like Cab.  And it’s not a good mix.  At least not for the long-run.  This thing is a fat slut.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
2008 CLOS MIMI Cabernet Sauvignon McGinley Vineyard Happy Canyon SYV  14-5

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