Finnigan’s Island

Thin light ruby with wide garnet edges.  Young nose, green and vibrant but still fully-fruited.  Dandelion and bay-laurel–wet bay forest–before generous applications of weedy briar, a stunning match-head minerality, all reasonable and mellow and balanced and situationally-correct.  This Oregon thing is starting to grow on me–maybe I am finally finding the right Oregon Pinots.  A most-interesting wine, and a style of Pinot I quite enjoy.  I don’t want to say it’s Beaujolais or Chinon, but oh boy does it have references to both.  Deep and sultry, while still whisper-light.  This is not Belle Glos–make no mistake.  Neither is it Goldeneye or Sea Smoke.  It is not RRV, not Carneros, not SMV or SRH.  Certain SLH nuances come to mind, and Anderson Valley.  But a floral quality neither of those expound on.  In the mouth, airy and delicate at entry before launching into a drum-circle of raspberry fruit–not too tart, not too ripe–brilliant acid and briar.  Nothing weird, nothing out-of-place, nothing “tart”.  [Mentioned only because of a few recent articles by Euro-snob criticizing Oregon Pinot]  Perfect touch of oak lends solemn middle ground to both nose and palate before shockingly intense young tannins take over.  Cali-boi should prob do himself a favor and find this if you can.

2014 RAYLEE Pinot Noir Finnigan Hills Chehalem Mtns Willamette Valley Oregon  13.9

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