You’ll Never Drink Chianti Again

Dark purple ruby with wide thin edges.  Initial old-world funk and issues of blistering young age breathe off rapidly.  You are left with fresh-baked cinnamon roll and graphite, latex earthiness over a spicy base.  Vanilla and root-beer vie against the green briar for dominance.  Initial funk and blueberry tell a story of classic thin Sangio, but when the depth and structure this wine contains kicks in, it leaves all your Chianti and IGT fantasies in the dust as it accelerates unforgivingly toward full-on Sonoma ripeness, depth and goodness.  I’m not the World’s biggest Sangiovese fan–typically I like it with generous helpings of ME or Cab–but this monster somehow does it all by itself.  Someone finally made Sangio with some depth!  In the mouth, rich vanilla and black cherry and a little heat do their best to convince you to never look at Sangiovese the same way ever again.  Clawlingly tannic but polished and oh so ripe–even at this age–this is a wine with no regrets.  I feel like it HAS to have a little something else in it.  Maybe even cab.  There is just SO MUCH concentration and depth and flinty edgy goodness:  I’ve just plain never seen Sangiovese do these sort of tricks before.  I know I’ve said, “Here’s a Pinot to serve your Pinot-haters,” many times before, but seriously: HERE is a Sangiovese to serve Chianti haters.  You’ll never look back.  I would drink Sangio every single night if it all came like this.
2014 CADLE FAMILY WINES Sangiovese Sonoma County Knights Valley 15-0

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