Put A Cap In It

Clear garnet with amber edges.  Big skunk.  Flat, still, pond-water sorta briary blandness with something I suppose could be confused with eucalyptus if you squint real hard.  Pencil lead and… oh forget it I can’t find anything else creatively nice to say about this wine.  It’s flippin GONE. Rotting vegetables and wet cardboard over a fresh algae bloom on the lake.

In the mouth flabby watery fruit of the prune persuasion and acid and after-burn shining bright through the oxidation.  If you’re into old watery historical bullshit this might be a wine you will enjoy.  It’s not exactly UNDRINKABLE.

If it were 15YO or 25YO I might be mixing in a nice, “Well, hey, it’s a $20 cab with a decade-and-a-half on it, it’s doing pretty good, considering” but no. This is a flat-out FAIL in the wine-making department.

2010 CAPARONE Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles 13.0


3 thoughts on “Put A Cap In It

  1. Completely disagree. I know this specific wine and the entire Caparone catalog. Sure their funky, especially with no breathing time, so if you don’t like that style you’ll be put off (but I thought you liked funky, diapery action). I’ve had 25 year old bottles that aged beautifully into elegant wines. Based on your other reviews I’m really surprised you blasted this.


    1. OK, I have to ammend my comment. I actually had a bottle of this in my collection and opened it up the other night. I love Caparone but this is probably the weakest effort of theirs I’ve ever had. Although familiar to their other wines, this is disjointed, flat and has rough edges. Not terrible but just off. I came back to it the next night and found some of the edges burnished but just not that much to like. I think your characterization is a tad punitive but my apologies for blindly defending this specific wine – it’s a misfire.


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