Pretty Vacant


Stunning clear ruby with wide clear edges.  Burnt tarry backyard tract-home BBQ, heavy on the sauce, maybe some spilled Capri Sun on the concrete patio, a little dirty baby diaper and a yellow lab shaking off after running through the sprinkler.  It fills the nose with what I suppose could be deemed varietally correct CF and ME, but only by the stretch of an imagination way out into checkbook-winery, music-for-the-masses area populated by easy-drinking folks with no real clear definition of what CF and ME taste like.  Late-bouquet, it barely warms past sandpaper tannins to a slight banana-peel and glycerin-ey black cherry.  Drying and bitter in the mouth from attack on with a thin layer of sweet tea and eucalyptus, more Capri Sun–strawberry WOW! flavor–sandwiched between the vapid tannic entry and the vapid tannic finish.  FAR more interest in the nose than mouth. This is not an expensive wine, nor is it a horrible wine, and for a Napa Valley at this price-point, you probably shouldn’t be too harsh and just enjoy it.  I’m enjoying it, there just really isn’t any fruit.

2012 LATERAL Napa Valley Red Wine ME/CF 66/34  14.1

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