IMG_20160822_183441Fairly dense garnet, grainy and wonderful, light sediment, perfect cork.  Dried fruit, Fig Newton and rose hips over a path of alcohol and papaya trail mix headed slightly toward the oxidation of age.  Hibiscus tea beside a reflecting pond of lily pads and koi fish on a still, hot day.  Syrupy spice and a solid backbone of acid and interest to keep the flabbiness at bay.  For a 2009, this thing’s GOTTA BE 14-9 easy.  It is something you can enjoy right now–pretty much in its prime.  Thank god for wineries who bottle-age, and my affair with Mendocino Cabs has been spotty over the years, but this one does what it should with the fruit available.  In the mouth, leather-bound library books in carpeted corridors of ancient buildings while on the roof gunpowder and iron defend against fluffy shallow fruit.   You can TASTE the deep crimson age pulling you around and behind the voluminous blackberry fruit toward an R-rated date with spice cake and cream cheese frosting.  It never lets you forget the alcohol though, bringing in peppery accents all over but pulling out the typical mountain briar to prop up and balance everything out.

2009 MILANO FAMILY WINERY Cabernet Sauvignon Largo Ridge Mendocino Co. 15.5

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