Please Please Me

IMG_20160827_194130Pale canary with a hint of green. Oak-and-butter full up in the nose with deep-rooted floral and tropical fruit at once lightening the mood and deepening the complexity. Ethereally light, but grainy hoof-shavings on straw bedding vie with wet cast iron and haricots verts.

A most interesting domestic Chardonnay. Unique toasty brilliance has me going back and forth between a 65° glass and a 55° glass, side-by-side. YOU’RE DRINKING YOUR CHARDONNAY TOO COLD, PEOPLE!!!

In the mouth glycerin-ey and full while resisting opulent glowing fruit in favor of carefully honed acid and–dare I say–tannin?!? Crisp and bitter in the finish, making your taste buds do all kinds of creative calisthenics in an attempt to grasp the sheer VOLUME of this wine’s crispness and cleanness. Does that make sense? This is not a huge wine but it is NOT a simple white wine. This is an incredibly layered and complex white wine I would love to taste in about 10 years. Russian River Valley classic leather and lush juxtaposed against a severely Sonoma Coast brilliance of values that NEEDS to be drank at near-room-temperature to appreciate the whole package. And I feel it needs a few years. Yes, you should age your Chardonnays. Well, Chardonnay’s like THIS.

Everything this winery has produced so far has blown me away and you should find some if you can.

2013 LA PITCHOUNE Chardonnay Chenoweth Vineyard Russian River Valley Sonoma 14.1

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