Dear Me

img_20160918_191633Light straw and a bit milky. Big dark dense earthy nose pulls up layers of butter and apple pie alongside ripe crenshaw and an incredible volcanic minerality. Pesto and pasta, dirt road and rain, celery-salt on popcorn.
No indication of variety or blend on label–just a vineyard and an appellation–but am guessing Roussane or Viognier as it carries itself quite substantially alongside all that brilliant structure. Love what these guys are doing–sourcing fruit from the nooks and crannies of California, making wine with a total ‘hands-off’ natural approach, and capping them off with edgy artistic labels. Don’t forget the Cab Franc from them I had recently–I still have not tracked down their Pinot. I took their Clarksburg White to an industry party a while back and have notes on it–probably will pop up on the blog at some point. Love these little small-production items.
In the mouth, crisp acid rounded off on all sides by a big butter knife. More appley fruit and a nutty, dense roundness you will NEVER find in that bottle of Chard in your fridge. Bitter crunchy cold sweet pepper and a finish so light, so delicate, you’d think you were drinking a 11.5 Gruner. Except it has fruit, making it an absolutely gorgeous white.
2013 DEUX PUNX California White Wine Eldorado Suma Kaw 13.2

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