The Golden Spiral

img_20160927_190604Very light straw. Big barnyard–full of funk, spit, manure and warm hay–blows up in your face. Lilikoi and apricot drip around the edges, giving a fantastic ying/yang tropical/stone fruit situation, both with a decidedly buttery edge. Crisp minerality teeters on a slight pedestal of oak.
Rarely will I comment on a label. Typically when I use the word “label” I mean a brand, but this time I am going to comment on the actual label: This thing’s got a BEAUTIFUL label. If you’re going to be one of those dolts who buy wine for the label, here’s a good place to start. I had this wine by the glass at a local wine bar recently and instantly decided I HAD to get a bottle in front of me to consider seriously. Wine Hooligans tasted me again on it a couple weeks ago and once more, I was blown away. Holy wow I love Los Alamos. Seriously one of the most-overlooked AVA’s in CA. By the way, I’m drinking this at 52F. I took it down to 42F and it absolutely SHUT. DOWN. You’re drinking your white wines too cold, people. If you really want to taste them and be able to appreciate all of their nuances Do NOT drink them out of the ‘fridge! It’s WAY too cold.
In the mouth, bone dry and rife with acid, pomegranate-skin tannin and PILES of wet ground ROCKS. Fruit is not the first thing to hit your palate but it’s in there, banana and pineapple, wrangling for a piece of the action over a little bit of heat and strutting their stuff before the dry forever finish. Flowery and rambunctious, this thing just cranks it out start to finish.
2014 SEA MONSTER Chardonnay Los Alamos Vineyard Santa Barbara County 14.2

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