The Wolfhouse Speaks

img_20161002_194741Deep dark ruby with barely a lighter edge. Dense, grainy color staining the glass. THE most effusive stewed plum pudding and ultra-rich elegant dusty rose you have ever stuck your nose in. Blackberry chocolate s’mores (I just made that up) with big brushy back-up of chaparral and eucalyptus.

I’ve had a LOT of Jack London Cabs over the years and always found them a bit lean. This is NOT lean. This is so completely the opposite of lean. Chewy and overwhelmingly concentrated with a bouquet you can smell across the room. So excited to finally get into some of these 2013 Cabs from Sonoma. Like everyone else, been watching the Napa offerings quite closely and need to start paying attention to Sonoma Cabs from this vaunted vintage. Hope to throw a few more on here in the near-term.

In the mouth, no disappointments. EVERYTHING translates straight across onto the palate. SOOOO thick and positively chewy–you’re wiping your tongue around your mouth and across your teeth desperately trying to cleanse the thick liquid off every surface it inundates. Gobs of stone-fruit and candied strawberries with a bright acid chaser. Equally overwhelming over the middle, rich, syrupy chocolate and wet leather without a hint of obesity. Tannin curls in from the edges with bitter-root intensity but it can not intimidate the freight-train of fruit charging off.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt THIS is the best Jack London Cab I have ever had in my life. I miss the screen-print label a bit–having somewhat grown up with it and SO iconic on a shelf–but hey, everything changes and this bottle of wine will change your life.

2013 KENWOOD Cabernet Sauvignon Jack London Vineyard Sonoma Mountain Sonoma 14.5

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