Hippie Cut Your Hair

img_20161015_183629Dense staining ruby with no edge.  Fresh baked bread and raw beef wrap a dusty floral tightly in broad arms, soiled and sweaty.  A unique sweet butter and bright high  Parmesan note lash against rusty metal pilings wrapped in seagrass funk.

A lovely round and full Napa, obviously young but smelling very nicely–exuberant but not annoyingly forward–showing many of the qualities 2013 keep showing.  This is a rather new label to me, and was quite looking forward to delving into the Cabs after a STUNNING Right-Bank-ish Merlot last week.  And this winery should get the Bordeaux varieties in Napa right:  Winemaker and ownership has a long heritage in St. Emilion.

In the mouth, granular mountain typicity churns full, disgustingly-rich fruit straight into all corners of the palate.  Teeth-coating and tannic, a green-bark spine guides more of the gorgeous chocolate and grape-skin concentration visible in the nose in a balanced direction across mid-tongue where sweetness waits in the edges with dark bosomly concentration.  The raw-boeuf in the nose is impossible to ignore in preparing for each sip.  Elegant through-and-through, this thing never cheapens itself with early-term oak or extraction but relies on an obvious pedigree of vineyard and classic style to woo anyone with their feet in Bordeaux and their head in Napa.

2013 WORLD’S END If Six Was Nine Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Napa Valley 14.5


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