Vinum Ferocious

img_20161018_193233Thin garnet with wide clear edges. This thing needs a little air. I mean–come’on: It’s 2015. First couple sniffs were tight and awkward and then it started opening up and oh boy did it ever open up. Crazy wet pine-needle Christmas-tree-bark lathered in spice and fine black tea. And alcohol (which is kinda strange for an OR) and oaken earth. Wet and dripping, jam-packed with spice, you can’t wait to taste it.

Long-time followers of my wine scribblings will immediately key into my consuming Oregon Pinot. I’ve been harsh on it over the years and for good reason. There’s some really seriously bullshit Oregon Pinots out there. But this thing. This little thing is gorgeous. I love this wine. It’s got an old-worldy foundation to it but a new-world concentration. Which, if you think about it, should be seriously Oregon’s M.O. Unfortunately it often goes horribly awry. Not here. I know I’ve already said “ray of sunshine” once this week but here we go again. This is my first 2015 and what a welcoming bottle.

In the mouth sweet supple fruit pauses on the tongue for a minute before exploding, sending shards of PEZ-fruit in all directions. It settles down into more dark brooding black tea, with a wet-wool and almost salty over-view chrystalizing the elegant concentration. There’s so much cinnamon and anise and lavender packed into this thing. A never-ending supply. It’s flat-out gorgeous Pinot.

2015 VINUM FERUS Pinot Noir Valour Willamette Valley Oregon 13.9

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