img_20161025_194011Perfect clear light ruby with ambering edges.  Bruised wildflowers and Band-Aids and a delicate fruitiness as translucent as the color runs on in the light smoke of waterfall mist. Dirty, earthy jam deep and brooding all the way through and of course it naturally excels an overt limestone in the nose and bitter plum in the mouth.

It’s Italian! It’s German! It’s a Tyrolian tongue-meld of deceptively concentrated and hypnotically fruited stuffing of plum-pop and perfect *grapeyness*.  Thin and delightful and will make your 10-dollar Montepulcianos and straight Sangioveses run for cover.  Get over the strangeness of the label and worship this PERFECT food-wine.

On the palate, round and full, barely showing the lightness of the color but instead packing a whallop of beautiful fruit and acid.  Bitter cherry comes on hard and full and the oakiness obvious in the nose translates to full, clear nuance.  Light, green tannins carry the package through the finish.  GOD! what a fun little wine.

2013 JOSEPHUS MAYR Erbhof Unterganzner St. Magdalener Sudtirol 12.5

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