Bates Master

Darker red than you expect.  A floral garden of lily and gardenia nearly overwhelm a perfect peach, cherry and orange-blossom bouquet, dirty and raw shaved rocks glistening wet with new rain. Opulent and round, dark ruby awesomeness explodes out of the glass, warm and buttery while arguing desperately with shrill clawing minerality.

This always happens: I publish my WINES OF THE YEAR and the very next day something comes along that would have EASILY topped anything on the list. This is a STUNNING wine–easily the best Cab Franc of the year, green and taut, tanned skin stretched thin across a framework of decadent fruit. One of those wines you thank DOG you picked up. A serious WOTY contender and I am pretty much spellbound on what to say about something so ethereal everyone will understand. Just a BRILLIANT wine.

In the mouth, polished acidity vie for dominance over the succulent rich fruit.  Young to a fault–eviscerating tannins decide your fate against a back-drop of elegant fruit churning with raw life and verve.  Everything is so perfect in this wine.

2015 METHODE SAUVAGE Cabernet Franc Bates Ranch Santa Cruz Mountains 12.5

2 thoughts on “Bates Master

  1. I helped bottle that wine, and watched Chad wax every damn bottle by hand. I also helped process the fruit for his 2016. He watched me kill a roll up door with a forklift while weighing his bins. A sacrifice to Bacchus, because I’m into that sorta shit. Young guy, honing his skills every year. It will be interesting to see what he does when he can afford premier fruit. You know, just how you practice on the easy girls when you’re in high school before you find yourself a woman.


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