Cabernet WHO?

Medium light ruby with wide clear edges.  An intoxicating earthy nose, ripe and tannic and ‘green’, rife with chalk and flint.  Great tart fruit visible, an incredible dirty funky burnt rubber warm soapy pie cherry vanilla bomb melange of interesting nuances.

My first experience with this variety compliments of a good Paso Robles friend and he said, “I think you’ll like it because… it’s… weird and definitely unlike anything else from Paso Robles” and he wasn’t kidding.  Those in the front rows will point out the fruit is not FROM Paso, but it is MADE in Paso, and Paso wines tend to follow a *style*.  I’m just going to leave it at that.  And I DO like it.  It’s not weird at all–just not ‘Paso’.  Blind I’d probably go Cabernet Franc or maybe Petit Verdot or a decent Medoc?

In the mouth, big lucious oak and shocking acidity and I guessed the alcohol “Can’t be over 13-oh” which is completely embarrassing, but also telling of the incredible balance of this bottle.   Nowhere does alcohol or overt ripeness show.  Lean and mean, vibrant and complex, with decidedly Left-Bank layers, thin and beautiful, wrackingly structured, a little fat creeps in late-breathe, I don’t even know what to think about Cabernet Pfeffer, but am in love with this wine.

2010 DUBOST Cabernet Pfeffer Siletto Vineyard San Benito Co 15.8

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