Crystal garnet, wonderfully thin.  Warm muddy roasted broccoli vegetal perfection dissolves to sweet pine-pitch as applesauce and dried apricot fruit rolls in on a wall of wet fog.

Clearly less dense than some of the Aubaine’s I have tried in the past, this little nugget of San Luis Obispo County always cranks out great fruit, but typically in a much higher-octane product.  This one manages to pack the concentration in an ethereally-light package.

In the mouth, a tender graphite eraser streak–awash in light clear focus–carries an angel’s kiss of bitter in golden baskets of wildflower honey.  Supremely nutty, with roasted coffee and hazelnut defying the deceptively light body.

2013 TIMBRE Pinot Noir Guest Star Aubaine Vineyard San Luis Obispo Co 13.4


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