Three White Mice


2015 P. S. CELLARS Arneis Paso Robles 13.5

Barely yellow tinged clear.  Dusty floral and tropical fruit with a perfect tiny petrol and gameyness.  Full and round in the mouth with a buttery nuance offsetting the incredible sharpness.  Sweet-Tarts finish rife with acid long and loud.  A very interesting white, I would guess Sauv-Blanc blind but more middle–almost like aged in oak or something giving it a fuller body.  Only read about this variety before.  Very nice.

2015 SEA MONSTER Chardonnay Santa Barbara County 14.2

Clear straw.  When first opened, no real Chardonnay impressions.  Lots of other nice things, just nothing directly pointing towards any Chardonnay characteristics.  With considerable air, beautiful nutty vanilla-ridden on rich ripe flat-7-Up citrus minerality and peaty earth.  In the mouth, an ethereally delicate entry turns plush and textured, round melon runs a bit hollow in the middle before brilliant tannins dry everything out in a long finish.  This thing–like other Sea Monsters (The Golden Spiral) will settle down and show fabulously.

2014 CLAIBORNE & CHURCHILL Gewurztraminer Central Coast 13.7

Light canary showing green touches.  Over-ripe strawberry and a roasted meat-sorta nose tinged with a little spice greet you.  A certain syrupy melon leaves you lusting after real Gewurzt.  I don’t see what Central Coaster’s see in this wine.  I eagerly tasted it upon moving here almost two decades ago because OMG DRY GEWURZT!!! and have re-visited it many times over the years.  I was just at the winery a few months ago and went through it all again.  I suppose, when compared to the Santa Barbara Riesling offerings available locally, this shows pretty well, but compared to Mendocino versions of the same thing, it pales.  There just isn’t enough spice.  Not enough petrol and tropical fruit.  All kinda thin and green and vapid.  And some gym sock and wet cardboard issues I just can’t get past.  In the mouth… well, there’s just nothing there.  Late burn and that’s it.  I wonder if these things age?

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