A Ray in the Bleakness

2013 ROBERT STEVENS Meritage Alexander Valley Sonoma Co 14.0   An acrid plasticine fat rotten fruit-bowl dirtiness situation with an oxidation chaser. Smells like a nursing home and tastes like the night-sweats of a grave-digger.  Acrid returns for an encore dressed as Tannin from the last act but a pigs-blood wash can do nothing for the burn.  All the fat banana-peel nose gets in the way of anything redeeming in the mouth and makes this something you want to forget sooner, rather than later.  An entirely forgettable wine.  No web presence that I can find.

2009 MARTIN RAY Cabernet Sauvignon Napa-Mendo-Sonoma 50/30/20 14.4  Heads in the direction of many Martin Ray’s I have loved.  This is the bottling which replaced the “Cuvee” I worshiped for many years.  Grainy neon glares a salty refrain on wet boardwalk past rear restaurant entrances piled high with lovely trash and the faint glow of BOH smoking in rainy lamplight. Tasting is an adrenaline surge of siren somewhere, but you can’t tell if they’re coming down this street. Everything quiets down in the finish, except that waitress from Mendocino you banged in the walk-in. She still talks to you.  I highly recommend buying any Martin Ray’s you can find.  And if you google “Martin Ray” everything becomes even more impressive.  An absolute ICON in both the Santa Cruz Mountain and Sonoma California wine industry.  www.martinraywinery.com

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