Get Your Tweezers Ready

img_20170120_221302_574Bright ruby with staining pink edges.  Crazy oak in the nose, oak oak oak oak and more oak.  Deep tissue massage of vanilla, coffee, dry leather and wood encapsulating oak oak and more oak.  Sweet cola flatulence and more oak.  It comes off fruit-ready and young initially but immediately settles down to ridiculous flatulence.  There’s really nothing more in the nose than sweet round oak.

Have I ever told you how much I love Carignane?  And red wines from Mendocino?  this little bargain-basement offering was absolute nectar to me on the shelf and–and the bouquet is basically nothing BUT nectar.  So sad.

In the mouth, I am happy to say it progresses a bit from the rich round icing of oak–did I mention oak?  Thin jammy fruit of a classic Carignane nature hits the tongue hard along with copious acid and wracking tannins.  Cheery cherry loveliness punctuated with sharp spicy one-dimensional structure are a fore-front to residuals of–you guessed it–OAK.  This is not a horrible wine.  It’s just soda-pop with tannin.  Oh, and oak.

2014 CITADEL Carignane Mendocino Co.  13.6

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