Orbiting Merlot

Dark ruby with bright pink edges.  Nice mild nose packs an understated punch of bitter delicate light grassy nosed and mineralific cellar-floor brilliance with a little peach-pit and burn.  This isn’t your Tupperware Party Merlot.  Lean and mean in the mouth, rich in oak and leather with backgrounds of thin fruit.  If you’re looking for everyday drinkers with character, Lussac is MONEY. Spice and dark fruit ramps hot tannin, but don’t overthink it, just lie back and enjoy what you’re getting.  And for the price-point, no one’s complaining.

2012 CHATEAU BONNIN PICHON Lussac St. Emilion Bordeaux  13.5


2 thoughts on “Orbiting Merlot

  1. I thought this wine was very enjoyable. It really opened up after about 30 minutes to an hour. Definitely French (thankfully) but not austere and had substantial fruit. For the price you can’t do any better.


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