Our Hippie Mother

IMG_20170131_202100_195.jpgRuddy brick, with grainy brown edges. Roasted cauliflower, cabbage and ham, all over bright multi-vitamins vomited on the sidewalk. Still, flaccid worm-bedding and plowed Brussels sprouts.

Oh. Dear. Dog. Do I have to taste this? Here is what happens folks when a label decides to play the biologique and natural wine card and also go hi-alcohol, probably from a *natural* approach to everything starting at ripeness, continuing through wild fermentations and ending in limited finishing techniques: of which racking–last time I checked–was still organic. Fat, blustery vegetal bullshit–WHICH ACTUALLY “CONTAINS SULPHITES”–it is putrid but not one-dimensional, having many layers in its horribleness.

In the mouth, a sharp rotten fruit attacks and never lessens its *sharpness* until long after anything interesting has drained off your tastebuds. A secondary bitter Kool-aid concentrate runs up the edges and plays hard into the wet-sawdust finish.

Please make it stop.

2011 DOMAINE NOTRE DAME de COUSIGNAC Nature d’Ardeche Cotes Du Vivarais Rhone Valley France 15.5


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