The Main Event

Super light color teetering between garnet and ruby.  The light hue mocks your assumptions of thinness.  One sniff and all is dashed as gravel and oak candied earthiness give argument to Santa Maria Valley’s viability towards World-class Pinot. At once clean and fruity, but again delectable barnyard: nutty round cold-brew dried spit decadence throws wisps of ripe fruit, designer perfume and Range Rover upholstery.

This is the artist formerly known as La Fenetre rebranded into a line of Pinot Noirs destined for greatness.  Lovely ripe nuances play with deep structure and acid, creating a headiness far out-weighing the clear beauty in the glass.  Bright goldridge-esque subtlety and restraint in the face of out-and-out concentration–rare in SBC–finishes with bitter green loveliness which churns tannin into brilliance: playing into but never outshining the density. This is a Pinot-lover’s Pinot.

2014 TIMBRE WINERY Pinot Noir Presqu’ile Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara Co.  13.9

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