Hello Kitty

Medium ruby, bricking heavily.  Malt vinegar, cherry compote and vanilla splashed over a sliced vegetal wax pepper and raisin-stewwed salty kielbasa.  Barbie hair and Barbiemobile–both possibly on fire–co-mingle past-prime polish and sadness stirred longingly into vase-water of 2-week lilies on the table.

Yes, I lost a bet, and reviewing this bottle was the punishment.  I would have loved to have tasted this two or three years ago–it really isn’t THAT horrible of a wine.  It ranks up there with some 2008 Napa or Sonoma supermarket cabs I have stashed around with sketchy provenance and consumed far past their ideal consumption-date.  I’ve had FAR worse FAR younger wines from the second and third supermarket shelves which were FAR more popular and of FAR more popular visibility and viability.  Nowhere near *undrinkable*, it just comes off as a cheap, fairly well-put-together Sonoma Italian wine a bit past its ideal. Who knows what it is.  Sangiovese? Merlot?

In the mouth, ripe flat burnt-cherry plays round and still and rather dead against a musky, vaguely eucalyptus gunpowder tea and chewable-Bayer aspirin finish.  Composed and rather lean, fruit gone South, a slight burn composes the still, calm, rather wine-like finish.

2010 HELLO KITTY California Red Wine Mission Wine Company Napa 13.5


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